Day 65 – Conquering Focus

“Focus and simplicity…once you get there, you can move mountains.” -Steve Jobs

The ability of staying focused is an important part of any productive person. I tend to be more scatter brained in general but have the ability to get things done when they need to be. Obviously, it would be nicer to be in the state of complete focus all day long but getting there isn’t always just a snap of the finger. The best way for me to conquer my focus is by giving myself time in the morning to do nothing but plan out my day. I simply get a pen and paper or use my phone’s notes app to write down a list of things I want to accomplish today whether that be things at work or things at home. This helps me stay focused because I can periodically check back on the list during the day to see how I’m doing.

Now obviously, there are no hard deadlines for taking the recyclables to the recycling center, cleaning, doing dishes, fixing things around the house, or picking up dog poop but it’s nice to get something like that accomplished every day. No one wants dishes piling up nor too many land mines in the yard to avoid, so there are some things that set their own timelines. In my mind, it is nice to focus on the small stuff in little doses daily. Doing the small stuff and accomplishing my list of daily things is what helps me conquer my focus. How will you conquer your focus today? Me? Well, I wrote the post right after I woke up today to jumpstart my day with getting something accomplished.

Item 065 of 360+

Today’s item is a Yankee’s banner from when I was a kid. I used to get into baseball a lot more and always rooted for the New York Yankees and the San Diego Padres for my Uncles who were huge fans. I still will always try to root for them and maybe one day again get into baseball but there is no reason to hold onto this banner anymore. If it’s not on the wall nor being used, there is no reason to keep it around.

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