Day 61 – Eliminating to add Space

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Today is another great to ask ourselves some questions. Below are two questions to reflect on.

Q1: Is there a space that you have been meaning to declutter?

Right now it’s the closets and the basement for me. There are so many items that aren’t being used anymore that we have to go through and get rid of. These will be part of our mission during our 360in365 challenge. If you have a specific space you want to declutter my best advice is to tackle it. Once its finished you will feel much better and you will have more space to use while you declutter the next thing, a domino effect.

Q2: Is there items you have been waiting for the right time to get rid of?

The items I have been waiting for are some of my collectible items. I will go more into detail in a post soon enough but for me it’s harder to get rid of. My hope is not to completely eliminate my collections but instead have less of the collectible items. On a positive note, this part of the decluttering should add some money in our pockets as I plan to sell these items. My motivation is an incentive on eBay this month to be able to list up to 200 items for free this month. I plan on trying to tackle this either this week or weekend.

Item 061 and 360+

Today’s item is a tank top I no longer need. This is one of those specialty clothing items that can really only be worn a few times a year. There is no need to keep it around anymore and I hope its next owner wears it proudly.

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