Day 58 – The Power of Productivity

“Productivity is the deliberate, strategic investment of your time, talent, intelligence, energy, resources, and opportunities in a manner calculated to move you measurable closer to your meaningful goals.” – Dan S. Kennedy

Today’s blog is going to be a simple/easy concept, keep yourself busy and be productive. In these times of quarantine with the extra time you now have on your hands it’s crucial to keep yourself productive and set some little goals for yourself. Instead of letting yourself get depressed or sad while laying in bed or mindlessly watching tv, do something that’ll benefit you and be of use. Do some cleaning around the house, start a new fun project, get a new hobby (which was in a previous post), start a side hustle, or start some new fitness routines. It’s easy to get lost in the comfort of lounging about the house and it then becomes your new normal. However, when you’ve done something productive, you feel a lot better about yourself and your mini accomplishments.

In another previous post we had talked about starting your day by doing something to mark it as meaningful. This can be doing the smallest task that makes you feel like you did something with your day rather than wasting it. In this time of quarantining, the days can easily blend together and all of the sudden it’s a week later and you haven’t done a thing productive or meaningful. You’ll feel better if you do something with your days that make a difference. Don’t become comfortable with doing nothing with your days. Love yourself, stay positive, and be productive and it’ll benefit you and even those closest to you. Jumping back to the quote today, being productive is an investment in yourself. Don’t let yourself down, because if you put your mind to getting things accomplished, big or small, you have the power to make a real positive change in your life.

Item 058 of 360+

Today’s item was a gift given to me. This will be a specific blog post soon about gifts received. However, today we are just focusing on how I have no use for this item, and I hope that someone else does.

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