Day 56 – Buy Less, Smile More

“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity.” -Vivienne Westwood

“Talk less, smile more.” –Lin Manuel-Miranda, Hamilton

I channeled a combination of the Minimalists and Aaron Burr in the Hamilton Musical when coming up with today’s title. My own little remix, buy less, smile more, I will be letting you know what I’m against and what I’m for.. Scroll through your social media and see how long it takes for you to find a promotion/advertisement to buy something. It happens quickly, often and almost always it’s something tailored to your interests. It’s everywhere, TV, radio, emails, phone calls, on billboards, on sides of buildings and on placemats of diners/restaurants. There really is no escape but the most dangerous form is social media because it’s one to two clicks away from purchase.

How does one stop from buying, from constant consumerism, from using your paycheck on things you really don’t need. I am not perfect at this but what I have been is better at this, especially this year. I will not boast but I think I have been decent at this in my young life thus far but there is always room for improvement. The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, our inspiration for these posts came up with five questions worth asking before spending money on items and/or services.

“1. Can I afford to part with this money? 2. Can I pay the actual cost?  3. Will it add value to my life?  4. What are the alternatives? 5. Can I get by without it for a while?” – Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

These questions above are great questions to pose to yourself before making a purchase. A way to fend off these targeted ads is by asking yourself one more additional question. Did I want/need this item before I saw this? If your answer is no, I didn’t even know this existed, odds are you probably didn’t need it unless it will truly add value in your life. At the end of the day, the decision is up to you but having some rules to live by can really help you in the long run to financial freedom and a more meaningful, minimalistic life.

Item 056 of 360+

Today’s item is a tank top I have had for a while. It served me well but I don’t wear it as often anymore. This will be better off with a new owner and one less item for us to worry about. Buy Less, Give More.

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