Day 52 – Keep In Touch

“Don’t ignore the effort of a person who tries to keep in touch. It’s not all the time someone cares.” – Anonymous

Have you gone through a stretch where you haven’t been in touch with much of your friends and family for extended periods of time? Do you usually have excuses for not keeping in touch? Have you been the one initiating the contact lately?  I know in our day to day lives we become busy and lose track of keeping in touch with the people that are important to us. However, you become comfortable with not being in contact with your loved ones, that you don’t even think to reach out anymore. Keeping a steady line of communication with those you enjoy having in your life is so incredibly important. I’m not saying talk to these people in your life every day or week, but enough where you’re still involved in each other’s lives and know what’s going on with each other. It happens too often where relationships end because people drift apart after not being in touch for long periods of time. This can happen due to many reasons such as the one person who always initiated the contact stops due to forgetting or is now tired/annoyed of always being the one to reach out, or even that one person forgets to reply back, or you both become distant over time apart that you don’t have as much in common anymore and they are no longer in your inner circle. Making a little bit of time within your week or even month to throw out a text or leave a message for someone makes a huge difference.

Going back to the quote today, to me, it has a duel meaning. One of these meanings being that you should appreciate those who reach out to you and that feeling you get when someone thinks of you and takes the time out of their day to reach out. The second meaning being that if you take these people for granted who reach out to you, they won’t stick around forever. You can’t expect someone who gives and never receives to keep giving. To get love you have to give it as well and what better way to show someone you care than to send them a little reminder that you are thinking of them. When you reach out to those dearest to you, it shows that person that you care enough to think of them and appreciate them being in your life and wish to keep it that way. I will continue to work on this myself as I know I’m not the best at keeping in touch with my loved ones and can always improve. Try it yourself and keep in touch! This may have a bigger impact on your life than you’d think. I’m excited to see where the extra effort to reach out to people takes me these next few months.

Item 052 of 360+

Today we are getting rid of yet another old high school t-shirt. Why did we hang on to these for so long? The saying on the back is “shock the world”. Our goal is to shock our own worlds by living a more meaningful life. It’s time to say goodbye.

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