Day 50 – Help Your Neighbor

“An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves.” – Lydia M. Child

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that makes your day better. Today is a great example of this for me. It’s been a snow-filled winter thus far here in Pennsylvania and for the second time this week, it snowed overnight into the morning. I happened to be off today so when I woke up, I made some breakfast and then went outside to shovel the sidewalks in front of my house. We get along with our new neighbors very well and saw that their walks weren’t done yet so I decided to do theirs as well. It was no trouble to do, and I was happy to do it for them since they’ve been kind to us since our move and I was lucky enough to not have to work today. Fast forward to the afternoon, I hear a knock on our door, it’s our neighbor coming over to say thank you and he even brought us some homemade Sopressata for helping out. We were thrilled and it was delicious. It’s the thought that counts, I didn’t have to do his walks and he didn’t have to give us anything but now, at the end of the day, we were both happy about it.

This is the same ideal we’ve been following while decluttering items we don’t need. It frees up our closets and living space with less things on our mind while (a majority of the time) giving others what they may want or need. It doesn’t hurt to think about others while making certain choices throughout your day-to-day. You never know, even stopping to say hello to someone can make their day. Love thy neighbor as thy self and you’ll feel rewarded in the end.

Item 050 of 360+

Monkey Shirt Fridays are no more. This shirt has been worn on so many Fridays that it’s practically see through. I am pretty sure I wore this shirt almost every Friday throughout college. Regardless, I haven’t worn it in over a year so it has no business in my dresser. It has been worn enough. Due to how old it is and the stains this will most likely be thrown away but it will remain a fun memory. Day 50! Go us, plenty more to come!

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