Day 49 – Finding that Spark

“Often a healthy obsession is an essential component of great success.” -Debasish Mridha

It’s getting close to spring time and that means people are watching their weight to get their swimsuit bodies in check. A lot of people start to form an obsession with their eating and exercising. Healthy eating and watching portion sizes is great as well as maintaining a fit lifestyle. However, a lot of people tend to go overboard and become overly obsessed with these. It’s important to keep your goals realistic while approaching these new lifestyles you wish to obtain. If you go overboard and get way into it, chances are, you’ll crash and end up gaining weight in the end or even become too skinny.

You need to have healthy amount of discipline for yourself. As the quote mentions, a healthy obsession can truly lead to great things. If you’re smart about your approach and do the research as well as easing into something new, it could be such a great thing for your lifestyle. These personal goals can lead to great successes if you approach it the right way and maintain a healthy balance. Once you get used to this balanced approach, you’ll likely enjoy your latest lifestyle change. Then, you can incorporate this into your everyday life and eventually it’ll come naturally to you. This is your spark! Trying something new and liking it so much that it becomes part of you. The next time you are willing to embark on a new personal journey, think about it first, set some realistic goals, and stay disciplined and motivated!

Item 049 of 360+

Today’s item is TJ’s old Dallas Cowboys shirt that is fading and doesn’t fit as well anymore. We enjoy watching football together, it’s good quality time with some yelling at the screen and celebration. TJ still has other Cowboys stuff so there is no reason to hold onto the stuff that doesn’t get worn as much anymore. We hope this can get in the hands of another Cowboys fan who can appreciate it and wear it even more.

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