Day 46 – Finding Balance

“Live a life that is well balanced; don’t do things in excess.” -Daniel Smith

There is so much to do but are you putting your time and focus into the right things? That’s a question I (TJ) have asked myself this year and a question I plan to continue to ask myself. Tom Rosenthal sings it best in his song, Busy and Important, “…don’t you know how busy and important I am? I got so much to do.” Making time for people or things is above all else, if you don’t have time for someone or something, what do you have? Nothing. Everyone’s busy with something whether if it’s with work, friends, fitness, family time, relaxation, house work, shopping, etc. The biggest issue with this is balance. How does one balance all of these things? The first thing to realize is what is the currency equivalent of these actions, that is of course TIME. Without time, balance would be easy, just move on with your day and do everything. Time, however, is unfortunately limited and there is no way to get it back. This is why it is so important to not waste your time and to try your best to find a good balance of how you use it in your life.

Everything I have listed above is a good use of time but my only words of caution is to limit all extremes. Nothing in excess is good, for example, one should not work 80-100 hours a week nor should someone relax for 80-100 hours a week. Relaxing everyday on the beach seems like the dream but I think a little mix of everything is what true happiness is made out of. Some time with friends/family, some time to work on your goals, some time to better yourself, some time to relax, and some time to help your current everyday life. It will never be perfect but trying your best to do a little bit of everything every day will go a long way.

Item 046 of 360+

Today’s item is a frying pan. It has served us well but we no longer need it. We will be recycling the pan now to save it from collecting anymore dust in our kitchen’s cabinets.

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