Day 43 – A Magical Valentine’s Weekend

“…experiences result in longer-lasting happiness than material possessions.” -Joshua Becker

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve, Eve, it’s TJ and today I want to talk about how we will be making the most out of the upcoming holiday. During the pandemic, it’s hard to do “the normal” of going out to a nice dinner for Valentine’s Day, but that’s not stopping us from having a great time. I think this Valentine’s weekend will be the best one we’ve ever had, a learning experience for us, dare I say. This holiday in my eyes is truly about quality time with your significant other. It’s so easy to lose track of that, you walk into stores and see all the gifts, piled on candy, piled on more gifts. This year I didn’t get Amalia a huge Bear saying “I love you”, “bear hugs”, or “bee mine.” Although that is a nice gesture (and punny), what do you do with it afterwards? Instead, we sat together and planned a fun weekend for ourselves. We will be doing a Harry Potter marathon, something we’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to accomplish. To make it even better, we planned out some fun HP themed meals and snacks, we’ll post some pictures on Sunday!

So other than planning what did I get for Amalia? Well, it’s been anything but normal this past year so it’s a great time to change it up this year. A shift of focus, less things and more experience and living. Now I couldn’t pass up some flowers but I didn’t splurge. Instead in addition to a small bouquet of flowers, I told her we should take a trip together to pick out a nice plant. This is quality time picking out the plant, taking care of the plant, and eventually planting our first plant together in our new front yard. Something that will live on rather than just perish away like traditional roses in a vase. 

Item 043 of 360+

“My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!” -Inigo Montoya, the great Mandy Patinkin. This shirt from my favorite movie “The Princess Bride” is too great. I got some wears out of it but now it’s just too small for me. I could keep it for a memory but I would much rather it live on with someone who can actually appreciate it. If I ever want a reminder of the shirt I can look at this picture, sure, or just go watch my favorite movie again for the 100th time lol. I’ll leave you with one last quote, “Good work, sleep well, I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.” – The Dread Pirate Roberts

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