Day 38 – Super Snacky Bowl

“Consistency is always the best teacher.” -Stephon Marbury

No treadmill today but I am going to write this during my rest time while working out with my weights at home. Hello again, it’s TJ for another Shoe Sunday. I’m trying to do some exercises prior to some super bowl indulgences. The big game always has a big meal with snacks and drinks but  I always try to let myself enjoy it even when dieting. The key is to be discipline as much as possible and it makes the cheat meals manageable. In light of the super bowl tonight, I wanted to share what I do when I’m on a diet and I know that I’ll be making some delicious “mistakes”.

So let’s start with the day of because it’s today already lol. Usually I will try my best to eat a small breakfast and then fast until the meal later. This could cause some overeating but that’s where being discipline comes in. I’ll be trying my best on doing small portions of all the snacks. The important part is in the back of my head I’ll know that I’ve prepared for this and it’s ok to overdue it some. The other thing is, it’s good to look at it in the big picture. If you have had a great week before, plan on a good week after and have been consistently working out, one cheat meal won’t kill you. A cheat meal a week is a good reward for yourself and can help you keep the momentum of the diet. So I hope all of you that watch football or just the funny commercials and half time show enjoy yourselves. If you’re on a diet and avoid the indulgence, go you, but if not, no reason to beat yourself up, just get after it again tomorrow. Consistency will always overcome minor detours but one thing is for sure, the gyms will be busy tomorrow. See you there, perfect timing for some motivation Monday!

Item 038 of 360+

A pair Amalia’s slipper clogs with the fur (with the fur) will be donated for Shoe Sunday. We have gathered all of the items including the sweatshirts and will be taking a trip to the Keystone Mission nearby this week. Seeing all the items in bags now really demonstrates how much we have already done and it’s been an incredible journey so far. Well thanks for stopping by, back to the Puppy Bowl for me!

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