Day 37 – Time to Wake Up

“Don’t really want to workout? I work out. Don’t really want to hammer on the project? I hammer on the project. Don’t really want to get up and get out of bed? I GET UP AND GET OUT OF BED.” -Jocko Willink

“Don’t expect to be motivated every day to get out there and make things happen. You won’t be. Don’t count on motivation. Count on discipline.” -Jocko Willink

Hello again, it’s TJ and I have had a problem with oversleeping on the weekends. It’s like a plague and it affects both Amalia and I. I’m all for getting 7-8 hours of sleep but anything past that is just WASTE, FRAUD, and ABUSE. That’s a little much but really, it is unnecessary and mentally I know that. I have been getting better with it, part of my struggle is believed to be lasting effects to Lyme’s Disease from a tick bite four years back. Amalia’s struggle is from me sleeping in and I know this because she always used to talk about how she sleeps in so much more with me than she ever did.

The good news is I have been doing much better with this this year. My simple tip to combat it is if you get up, stay up, and get something accomplished for your day. Today’s example is getting the blog done bright and early on Amalia’s birthday, ironically while she is still sleeping. The other thing that has helped me a lot is trusting the guy the night before who set the alarms, he usually means well. I try to stick to and get up to my first alarms more often. This is all about discipline and mindset. It’s much better to get up and get after it on the first alarm than get fake rest for an extra 5 minutes that then could lead to oversleeping. I learned about this technique and discipline in general from Jocko, I hope you enjoyed his quotes above. I also hope you all were able to get up and get after it this morning, if not, there is always the rest of the day to live well and to try again tomorrow. 

Item 037 of 360+

“The best time to wear a striped sweater… is all the time” – Spongebob. We love Spongebob, but we haven’t been following his philosophy for this striped sweater. Here is another sweatshirt from Amalia that she hasn’t worn in a while. Another day, another item decluttered! A happy birthday to Amalia and a happy getting a new sweater day to the next person who will use it.

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