Day 36 – Happiness at Home

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy. It’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn 

Hello to the dedicated followers reading on this wild card Friday night! Amalia here today talking about relationships. During quarantine through the Corona virus, you find yourself spending a lot more time with the people within your household. In my case, this is my husband TJ, and my little dog Luna. When you spend all of this extra time with these people you live with now, with no real escape due to the pandemic, your relationships with these people are tested. Some of these relationships end, some have increased tension, some just coexist normally, and some actually thrive and get along. I’d say TJ and I really grew together this past year and really appreciated our extra time with one another. We have been working from home a lot so we are constantly together with Luna. We got into a schedule, we cuddle with our dog and give her lots of love and attention, and we started this whole minimalism lifestyle and blog!

How has your life changed since the pandemic? There are many ways you can improve your relationships with those you love whether that be your parents, children, siblings, pets, or significant others because of the extra time we now have. Initially, people will go nuts when together constantly with no recess, but why not spin that around and use this extra time together to improve your relationships? I think it’s been great for us and has brought us closer. Sure, this could be the time you realize by spending this extra time together that you can’t stand him/her. You may find out he/she had such strong opinions on certain topics or have differing interests that could negatively impact your relationships. However, using this time wisely is important. If you tried to improve it and that doesn’t work, then make a change. Come to your senses, improve your quality of life and make the most of your time on this Earth. Make the changes you need to make yourself truly happy and content with the life you are living. I know that I am so very happy and feel so much love in this house with my little family of Luna and TJ, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. In these scary, dark times, you want to make sure you’re happy because you never know when your number will be up. Stay happy and healthy my friends.

Item 036 of 360+

Today’s item is a sweatshirt yet again for the mission. After skiing today and being in the cold all day, we know it is definitely a good time to give warm clothes to those in need. We hope this sweatshirt from college can be put to good use. Today, the 36th day, marks 10% of our declutter goal! Yay us, more items and blogs to come daily.

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