Day 32 – One Month In

“Little by little, one walks far.” –Emily Anne Schumann

Welcome to the first day I can’t check the date to know what blog day we’re on this year! It’s TJ and we have officially been blogging every day for over a month! It’s the small things, the little victories that help on the journey to making changes in your life. Writing this blog has been a highlight of our day and knowing that we can do this for a month straight gives us that motivation to push forward to surpass our 360-day goal. I wanted this, I wanted to make changes, and I am proud of us for getting rid of 32 items to date and focusing more on what’s truly important. Being proud of yourself really goes a long way. It’s what strengthens my motivation to push forward and be the best that I can be.

Us is the key point. I talked to Amalia about this and I am very thankful she supported me in the beginning. Now as you know, she is so much more than supporting me as we are now team bloggers getting rid of daily items and pushing towards minimalism and a more meaningful life. My advice on motivation today is to be happy about the small successes. These posts were never to become famous, it’s just an avenue to show ourselves how much a year can change our lives. With our experiences we also hope to try to help others see what decluttering and minimalism can do in a year’s time. We still don’t know what the future holds for this site, blog, and most importantly, our life, but we are excited for each step, every day, and the year ahead. Before moving forward though, let’s celebrate the past month with our small, yet very important, successes with 10 followers, over 50 likes, close to 400 visitors, and 1100 views from 18 different countries!!!! We are so very thankful to have reached this many people and are very proud of it! We will works towards reaching more in the next 11 months to come! Thanks for coming along for the ride with us 🙂

Item 32 of 360+

Today we will be getting rid of a t-shirt and two pairs of old socks because we all know we have too many of these kinds of items laying around!

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