Day 31 – Great Expectations

“Managing expectations creates inspiration and suffocates frustration.” – Zanze Sheeroh

Shoe Sunday has approached us this week and it’s Amalia here joining you from the treadmill this evening. Today I want to talk about expectations and managing them with a realistic approach to avoid disappointment later on. I know we’ve all had expectations for things throughout our lives and it can lead towards sadness as things don’t always work out as you had hoped it would. As we have said before, starting this 360 in 365 challenge is a goal of ours and minimalism is the ultimate lifestyle change. We don’t expect this change to happen overnight and that’s why we made sure not to stretch ourselves too much. This is why we decided to only do one item a day.

Both of us are guilty of having issues with expectations and goals. For example, TJ gets ahead of himself and does this often as he stretches goals and sets expectations pretty high at times. In the environment I grew up in, we didn’t look forward to things much in fear of being let down. This is something that TJ and I differ in and it’s good to have a balance in our relationship of our expectations. Mine are low, minimal, and even non-existent in comparison to TJ’s goals and expectations. It’s good to have goals to strive towards and a certain level of expectation. However, to constantly expect the most and push yourself or others around you to meet these needs you have set in your mind is unrealistic and not the best way to handle this either. I tend to go with the flow pretty often and have little to no motivation at times whereas TJ is rigid at times and is very headstrong and goal-oriented.

Starting this challenge and lifestyle change is new to both of us and is a good way for the both of us to “ground ourselves” as I think of it throughout this experience. It’s important to have a balance of both goals and expectations especially when starting something new such as Minimalism Everyday. TJ and I seem to have been on opposite sides of the spectrum here when it comes to expectations and goals and it’s interesting navigating our way through this experience. A hidden expectation of myself through all of this is to become a person who has goals set and doesn’t become discouraged but takes things in stride (as long as I believe the goals and expectations I set are realistically achievable). It’s important to keep yourself in check sometimes and stay motivated to hit your realistic goals and expectations.

Item 031 of 360+

Boots. It’s TJ for this section. I need one pair of boots and I rarely need those. These are in great shape and I’m sure someone new will really appreciate these!

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