Day 30 – Drive Towards Less

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.” -Joshua Becker

Welcome to another Simple Saturday, it’s TJ, and today I want to share a tip to help declutter. A simple way to break the decluttering ice is by going through your everyday items. Last week I sold my truck and when I was cleaning it out I noticed a basket in the back that had all these papers and random items in it. Pens, keychains, old scorecards from golfing, paperwork from my now previous, previous car and other random items… I had these for over a year in the truck without using it or touching it! It made me think, not only do I not need this stuff anymore, but why do I need or want so much clutter in my vehicle? My tip for decluttering today is to focus on everyday items. Things that can clutter your life every day without you even noticing it. Trust me, when you are done you will notice and it will make a difference.

The two I would like to focus on today are cars and keys. I now have the bare essentials in my car and nothing more. In the center console there are some masks (until the pandemic is over), registration/ID, sunglasses, window breaker tool, two pens, an EZ Pass, a small screwdriver, and some mints. In the back, with the spare tire hidden away, is a jack and jumper cables. There is also an ice scraper in the car for the winter of course. That’s it, and my car is nice and tidy! Instead of transferring all of my extra things, I decided to trash them. The other thing is keys!!! I used to have bottle openers, a key chain or two for random things I liked, and too many keys that I didn’t know what they were even for. I trashed them all as well and simplified it to only the keys I need.. I will say I am now in need of a small and compact bottle opener but I’m in no rush. Less things on your keys and less things in your car are both great ways to start decluttering your everyday life.

Item 030 of 360+

A bag of trash from my truck and a second window breaker. For some reason, I used to have two window breaker multi-tools so I am going to give one to charity so that someone hopefully can have one in their car as needed.

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