Day 29 – Tackling Digital Clutter

“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions” —Barbara Hemphill

Hello on this beautiful Friday, the day most people look forward to all week. It’s TJ and today is wildcard day where we just talk about whatever is on our mind. During most of my normal weeks in the past, Friday was always the goal. Let’s get through this week, get to Friday, and then we can enjoy ourselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but I’m trying to focus on all seven from now on. Now Friday and the weekends are still great of course, but I’m trying to be less lazy now. There always seems to be so much lost time on weekends. For me it was always sleeping in and I think that came from lack of sleep during the week. What’s truly funny is I now enjoy my weekdays more. I get much more accomplished and have been getting more sleep as well. How? Well, I stopped wasting time, but this shouldn’t be limited to week days of course. So for weekends, I am focusing on not sleeping in as much, being more productive, and getting the most out of each day.

Today’s quote is great. Why? Because we picked it, just like all the other ones in our blog! I joke of course but this quote is so true! Think about when you clean out a room and you see something you haven’t used in a while or have a memory with. You may store it away for another day somewhere in the hypothetical future.. It’s a postponed decision on whether you may use it or get rid of it. The best way to test this out is to not put it away somewhere but instead leave it out somewhere to see it for the next week or month. Then, you have to look at it everyday and if you don’t have a desire to use it, then it may be time to get rid of it. My goal this weekend is to work on some of my digital clutter. My phone and computer could use some help. Let’s talk about my phone as an example. I have plenty of postponed decisions aka apps that I downloaded. You know how it is, you’re on the app store and I say to myself I’ll use this app at some point but now they just lay waste and clutter up my phone. I also want to organize the apps that I do use into folders for organized access but not quick access. What I mean by this is, sometimes I just open apps as a habit rather than because I actually want to. Therefore, I want to be organized and use the apps more meaningfully rather than quickly. A weekend of tackling digital clutter to go along with my year of tackling physical clutter, pretty cool.

Item 029 of 360+

Today’s item is another set of sheers. I’m sure someone else will get some use out of them but we no longer needed them.

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