Day 28 – Hoarding Childhood Memories

“Childhood memories are sometimes covered and obscured beneath the things that come later, like childhood toys forgotten at the bottom of a crammed adult closet, but they are never lost for good.” – Neil Gaiman

Wow, I’m feeling great this evening, not sure about you guys! Amalia here today and throwing some thoughts your way. Have you ever held onto stuff because of the memories you associate with it? I’m not saying to throw away your wedding albums here (well maybe if you got divorced) 😮 but specifically the childhood memories. I was recently at my mom’s house and she had me go through the stuff in my old closet and started packing them up to take back with me. Normally I would just take it all without a thought because I figured, well I held onto it this long, I better keep on keeping it! This time I stopped myself and thought about it. Why exactly am I keeping this old doll or play set or whatever random thing that’s been taking up space in an old closet at a house I don’t even live in anymore that was obviously forgotten about for years? It was because of the memories attached to it from my childhood. I keep things that I associate with a happy memory like I’m sure a lot of you do. However, if you’re not taking it out to admire it, or using it in a year, then maybe it’s not that important..? Sure I still kept some things, but do I really need to hold onto so much stuff when really just a few can still remind me of my childhood? Why not take a picture of your favorite toy or stuffed animal growing up and frame it? This would take up less space and you’d get to admire it often when looking at the picture. Applying these new ideas to those old things you kept can help you think about what you really wish to save and cherish.

Dwindling your things down will help you to appreciate the few you kept even more. Sometimes it’s just easier keeping the stuff so you don’t have to deal with the pain of letting it go or thinking it would require less effort just to keep it. The more your mind does this… the more things you’ll end up acquiring over time. My thought is on this wonderful thoughtful Thursday is to change your mentality of “stay safe and just hold onto it” and switch it around by asking yourself if it really brings joy to your life.

The quote I picked is super fitting of today’s blog. It’s not so much the memories associated with the toy, the memories are within your heart which you carry with you each and every living day. Just because you got rid of an old toy, it doesn’t mean you have lost that memory forever. This quote was not only super perfect for this blog post today, but it’s also by an author that I happen to be reading right now! Neil Gaiman makes a solid point here about how ‘the stuff’ never was the purpose of keeping it since it stayed in your closet all this time, it was the memory you kept within yourself all along that made it special. I hope the next time you go over your parent’s house or go through an old box of childhood toys, you can let a few or even just one go and donate/gift it to let some other little kid who’d like to play with it rather than keeping it stored in a box for no one to enjoy.

Item 028 of 360+

Today we are donating an old Atari gaming set I had kept all these years from the memories of playing it with my sister growing up. It sat it my old closet for years and now I hope someone else would enjoy the nostalgia of an old Atari Flashback game console.

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