Day 25 – A Case of the Mondays

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” – Napoleon Hil

Hello, Amalia here and welcome to Motivational Monday! Everyone gets a case of the Mondays once in a while (or a lot a while haha). I came across an interesting little piece of advice today that I think you would enjoy and is very fitting for motivational Monday. The advice was “it’s never to late to start your day.” Today I hadn’t been feeling well and was being pretty lazy. It then went on to say that you don’t have to start your day early in the morning all the time. However, doing something almost always feels better than doing nothing. It doesn’t have to be big or important. You get to decide how you spend your day, how it looks like, and when it begins and ends. I think this is something everyone should hear. I’ve had days when I’ve done nothing all day and I kind of regretted it the next day. Things like letting the laundry pile up or leaving the dishes in the sink or not texting or calling anyone back. Sure everyone has those days when they’re lazy, tired, or not feeling well (mentally or physically) and you’re not up to doing the usual stuff in your day to day. However, you usually feel a lot better if you did at least one thing in your day that was productive.

TJ and I switch off and on for our blog posts and like I was saying before I was feeling lazy and wasn’t up to it. Then, I came across that tip on social media and I changed my mind and decided to write this blog post today. I’m glad I came across it and was able to coincidentally work it into the blog today and now I feel a lot better that I did. Hopefully this changes other people’s minds to do something in your day. Even if it’s just one little task around the house or talking to a friend you lost touch with. You choose how you spend your day.

Item 25 of 360+

It’s TJ for today’s item, a pair of my jeans. I don’t wear jeans often and when I do I always go for the same pair. Since I no longer use these anymore it will be better to donate them to declutter my closet and help someone that needs them. We hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday and thanks for some of the valuable time out of your day!

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