Day 21 – Online Ordering Ordeal

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like.” – Will Rogers

Hello, Amalia here and happy Thursday! Today is Thoughtful Thursday so I’m going to talk about my thoughts on online ordering… but not just any online ordering. Ladies, I’m mostly going to target us (men definitely apply too but I feel this is more of a female impulse). The online ordering craze has obviously taken off in the last 8 years or so I’d say. Within the last few years I have noticed a lot of videos women post for “hauls.” If you don’t know what I mean, let’s say there’s a certain store you are unsure of and some influencer buys a TON of stuff from that retailer to show you what the clothes/beauty products/etc. are like. Now I don’t expect many non-influencers to do this since they aren’t being paid to buy these items, but I do know “the shopping fever.” This is a serious sickness that falls upon many each year. I have fallen ill to this in the past. We tend to buy a bunch of things online at one time, call it a shopping binge if you will. Now this of course can happen in person too, but the focus today is on the online aspect. These shopping hauls show these influencers becoming so happy when they see all these packages arrive with these cute clothes or what have it inside. You start to want that feeling and you may find yourself with the shopping fever after seeing these hauls.

My next point being, if you were to do this amount of shopping in person instead of online, you’d get tired of trying things on eventually and end up calling it quits at some point due to exhaustion, time constraints, or distraction. Online shopping, however, allows you to purchase items from the comfort of your couch, takes up so much less time, and is available 24/7. This is a lot more appealing for sure and definitely useful! However, we fall victim to these pros of online shopping and often end up buying more than what we were looking for. The worst part is, when you receive the item and it doesn’t fit or look right. How many of you didn’t want to pay the return shipping cost and ended up keeping it? Or were you just too lazy to return because it would be a hassle? I have done this and I super regretted it. The worst part is, you end up keeping it instead of giving it to a friend or donating it because you feel bad since you just spent money on it. In comes the buyer’s remorse. I hate to say this but I’ve done this with swimsuits especially. You get the swimsuit and it doesn’t look how it did on the model, but you end up keeping it to avoid the return hassle and hoping that you’ll eventually fit into it. Then, you end up keeping that swimsuit in hopes of fitting into it eventually and buy another one to have now since you won’t be wearing the one you just ordered.

We just buy, buy, and buy some more in this crazy retail cycle. We don’t need all of this stuff and we need to be conscious of the money we’re spending on unnecessary items. I’ve been trying to be more conscious of this fact and have even deterred myself from buying things online lately. It feels good, I’ve been watching my bank account grow a little bit already just from buying less. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on online shopping. Perhaps next time you start feeling “feverish,” take a second to think about it first. You might just reduce that shopping cart a bit before hitting the complete my order button this time around.

Item 021 of 360+

Today we are getting rid of an extra car ice scraper we had lying around. We each already have one for our vehicles so why keep an extra? We don’t plan on having a third vehicle so let’s get rid of it!

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