Day 16 – Let’s Simplify

“My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have to do less.” – Francine Jay

Welcome to the another fabulous weekend, it’s TJ and today is a great day to start something new for the blog. Today and every Saturday from now on will be Simple Saturday where we talk about how we are simplifying our life and taking simple steps towards a more meaningful life. Our first simple Saturday is to simplify our blog posts. So through our first 2 weeks we have done random inspiration and it has gone very well, but I think it would be better to have something to focus on each day to add value in different ways. This is also a great way for followers to pin point topics they value more than others. Maybe some like simple ways/tips to make their lives easier, others like motivation, and this is a way to connect more with readers while helping ourselves simplify. The best thing about this blog is there is no “rules” or guidelines, we are just winging it to start off and learning from the experience.

Here are the ideas we have thought of so far but they are of course subject to change as time passes and we become better at both writing blogs and living a more meaningful life. So we know what Saturdays will be, how about the rest? Sundays we already have started something and we plan to keep that momentum going, Shoe Sundays, where I write the blog post in my current shoes while on the treadmill and for the item of the day we give away shoes, while quantities last. Mondays will be for motivation, there is no one out there, ourselves included, that wouldn’t love some motivation on Mondays. Tuesdays will be TWOsdays where we will give away two items, most of the time a pair of something (socks, gloves, etc.) and we are still working on how to relate two to the blog but it will happen! Wednesdays are for Warm Wisdom, wise words while donating warm weather clothing whether that be to keep someone warm or wear while it’s warm outside. Thursday’s Thoughts, which is what is going on inside our heads. This may be the scariest day lol. Fridays are our wildcard days, we will keep that open for us now to do as we please but if there are any suggestions, please let us know! All I know is sharing our journey with everyone has been a great experience so far and we plan to keep it up. Well I guess we will talk again tomorrow while I’m on the treadmill, but first the item for today..

Item 016 of 360+

Today’s decluttering journey led us to another poster collecting dust. It was a fun Taz and Bugs framed poster from my childhood room. This is one of the many nostalgia based items that are harder to let go but as I have said before, I can keep the memory with me and in this blog with a digital picture. These will be the toughest type of items to let go however they are the most important to help ourselves realize that the memory and experiences are far more important than the things themselves. Enjoy the pic of the poster featuring me. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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