Day 10 – Upgrade Yourself

“Upgrade yourself, feel empowered and build inner strength, growth habits and simple strategies to maximize your life.” – Jordan Wright 

Welcome back or welcome for the first time, happy Shoe Sundays (while quantities last*), it’s TJ. Today, let’s talk about upgrading yourself, getting a little selfish for the right reasons is not selfish at all. The quote above is from Jordan Wright, a navy seal, a true badass who knows a thing or two about mental toughness. I think this relates well to the idea of minimalism, upgrade yourself, not your things. Minimize the things that don’t matter and maximize what’s important; your life, mind, health, and relationships to name a few. Today and every Sunday from now on, I’ll be upgrading my health and mind by writing to you while walking, today and during the winter it will be from the treadmill. 

It’s time to upgrade my cell phone, it’s around 3 years old and I would love to keep it longer, but I have a cracked screen. Why am I telling you this? It’s a tough decision, there are so many new and shiny phones but what do I really need? Phones are such a great tool and can be used to upgrade yourself by using it for reading, staying in touch with friends, looking up information, and listening to podcasts. Here’s the thing, every phone that has been released in the past four years and even further can do this, so my goal is different than usual when buying a phone. I will no longer just go and buy the newest and best device because I don’t need it nor does it add any more value to my life than another phone. I don’t want to spend as much time on my phone anyways and spending less money on it is a step in the right direction. Less money and time used on a device I now plan to use less while also using it more appropriately.

I have a few older phones stashed away and once I get my new phone, now this current phone I’m typing away on, would normally join them. Why do I keep them stashed away? Well, so that in the hypothetical future, when I get around to it, I could sell them or by that time recycle or throw them away at a later date. This is the year that type of clutter must go! So, I will be working on selling or tossing all of the phones in the months to come and hopefully those future posts can inspire you to get rid of your old phones as well (along with all those saved up wires and accessories). Something to look forward to but today is for shoes!

Item 010 of 360+

Our 2nd Sunday features some nice sneakers that haven’t left the closet in a while. They have served their previous purpose as Amalia’s active wear and now it’s time for these to get donated to be used by someone who needs them. Value people and use things, see you all tomorrow. This blog post was brought to you during a 1.60 mile treadmill walk!

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