Day 8 – The Death of Mr. Doubt

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” – William Shakespeare

TGIF! Amalia here on this glorious Friday! We just passed our week mark and it’s been a great ride so far! Great stuff, but challenging at times. Have you ever felt like something was hopeless or a waste of time? I have.., a lot actually, more than anyone probably should. Self doubt is that nagging voice in my head saying, “Why should I even try?” or “Is it even worth it?” It can definitely be challenging wrestling with that voice in my head while you’re trying to accomplish new goals, start a new minimalistic lifestyle, daily blog, and website with your husband. 😮

Self doubt can be the death of you if you let it. The death of you ever getting out of your comfort zone to try something new, to strive towards anything that’s even the least bit challenging just because you’re afraid to fail. I’ll admit I’m a doubter. It’s hard to get out of that mentality, especially when you’re trying something new. With Minimalism Everyday, I’m challenged more and more each day. You’re probably thinking, what the heck, they’re barely over a week in, how challenging can it possibly get at this point? I don’t blame you for thinking that way, I’d think it too if it weren’t me. However, people process things differently than others, we’re all our own selves. Stuff has always been a crutch for me, so it’s something I’ve been dealing with for a while now. The cause of it will be explained at a later date (promise) since today we are focusing on the self doubt portion. I’m challenged with recognizing that Minimalism Everyday is to help better me. Nobody is forcing me to do this, there’s no pressure. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone else but myself. But why is the self doubt still creeping in? It’s because of trying something new, a BIG new step here that could possibly change my life and it scares me a little. Maybe I won’t accomplish it in the manner I’d like to.

These are a lot of the thoughts going on in my head throughout these past 8 days. I recognize though that this is for me and TJ. We are doing this because we want to, and we are going to do this the way we see fit. Will there be more challenging days ahead? Absolutely. Is quitting ahead of it going to help avoid failure? Absolutely not. We cannot fear to attempt something new just because it is out of our comfort zones or challenging. I’m going to try and view this lifestyle as a fun new experience rather than a chore or competition. The only one I’d be cheating is myself if I let the self doubt voice take control. Moving forward with TJ and continuing this for not ourselves, but the others who we hope to help along the way, will be enough for me to continue and keep Mr. Doubt at bay.

Item 008 of 360+

Our item today was a range electric oven! TJ and I bought this stove about 2 years ago for our last place we lived before moving into our house this year. We had a stove already in our new house but didn’t want to get rid of this one since it was newer. We wanted to keep the stove for our basement or for the other piece of property we have. But why? We didn’t NEED this oven.. we decided instead of keeping it, to give it to my mom to replace the oven she’s had since I was a baby (at least 26 years ago)! As you can tell from the picture below, she was elated to have a nice new stove in her kitchen. The look on her face was worth it!

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