Day 07 – Little Big Steps to Less

“If you’re passionate about something, and you can’t motivate yourself to take that first step, then your first step is probably too big.” – T.K. Coleman

We are taking little big steps. Little daily insignificant items to help us declutter and sometimes help others in the process. It’s TJ but more importantly, it’s been a WEEK. Our 360 in 365 challenge is going swell, we’re seven days in, we’ve written seven daily posts and now, more than seven items have been donated or decluttered. Items that we no longer needed in our life. This first week has been incredible for us, the highlight of my day is writing this blog post; something I would have never guessed this time last year, or even two weeks ago. It truly is the little things in life that can make a difference. This blog helps Amalia and I have more quality time together and we are always discussing what item to do for the day, how we can improve the blog, and how we can truly embrace this lifestyle.

The quote today really is so fitting to everyone’s goals. No one said your first step to progress has to be a big one, it may not even show results right away, but give it time and enjoy the process. Consistency will win. I see myself taking little steps to improve my life in more ways than one and it really does feel great. These past 7 days I have valued my time over my things much more. Less time on my phone, less social media, less video games (never no video games, I would DIE). More working out, more sleep, and more productivity. Every small change makes a difference, decluttering one item and writing a blog per day is small but great. This motivates us to do something positive in our lives every single day. When we get a like or follow it feels amazing, not because we want fans or attention, but because it means our message is reaching others. If we can help someone have that AH-HA moment about how less things could add value to your life (*not applicable to all, see terms and conditions), it would be worth every second of daily blog posts this year.

Item 007 of 360+

It’s the end of week one and it feels special to us so today we both decided to donate an item of clothing. Amalia is donating her sweatshirt and I am donating my sweater. The last time we wore them was years ago and yet this time next week someone new may be able to use them to keep warm or at least wear it or use it; not just store it. We have bigger plans in store but we are starting small and keeping the momentum and motivation going. Thanks for stopping by, we’ll be here again tomorrow, you know where to find us daily.

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