Day 6 – Let’s Turn Around 360 Style

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” – Roy T. Bennett

Hello, it’s Amalia and Happy Hump Day! Today we will be getting a bit more into the 360 in 365 goal and it’s full significance. We didn’t fully get into this before, so I will.. right now. We chose 360 in 365 because:

A.) It has a nice ring to it 🙂

B.) A full year is our goal right now, so 365 comes in for the number of days as our primary timeline for this challenge.

C.) 360 items in 365 days is the goal so we can leave improvement if we wish to exceed our goal for the amount of items being rid of in our year timeline.

D.) 360 comes in because of also turning our lives around full circle, 360 degrees.

I want to expand upon D because I think this is crucial for our mindset going forward. We want to change our lifestyle and evolve with our new Minimalism Everyday view. I visualize a surfer out in the ocean performing a 360, or even a skateboarder. It must be a very cool feeling (totally tubular even) to complete one finally after so much practice and wipeouts I’m sure. Performing any 360 is tough and that’s what I expect for this challenge. We want to turn our lives around so this doesn’t merely stay as ‘just a challenge and done’, rather, a new way of living for the rest of our lives. This will always be a challenge for us. It may not be 360 items after this year or it may even be a bigger goal next year! Who knows!? We will adapt our goals to suit us as we feel in the future. The important thing to take from this is that we expect to feel a lasting change with this goal. One that will keep us in the mindset of being minimalistic and increase our quality of life. After all, its Minimalism EVERYDAY! Let’s live it and breathe it!

Item 006 of 360+

Our item today is a scarf. We are sticking with the winter theme yet again because not only is it helping us declutter our closets but we hope donating these items in January can help others stay warm. Think about how many extra gloves, scarves, hats, coats and socks you have. They sit in your drawers or your closets while there are homeless or less fortunate people who could really benefit from these items. Will one scarf or one headband help? Well yes of course, but what helps make more of a difference is talking about it, continuing to donate these types of items, and trying to motivate others to do the same. This can cause a lasting effect on the world! Thanks for stopping by, tomorrow marks our first week, go us!

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