Day 2 – Christmas Clutter Craziness

Hello, it’s Amalia, the wife, here. Nice to meet you all! I’m here to talk to you about my Day 2 experience in our 360 in 365 goal!

Item 002 of 360+

As I started packing up all of the Christmas décor spread out throughout the house from the recent holiday hubbub, I realized there were some decorations I forgot I had and didn’t even put out this year. Boxes upon boxes labeled Christmas already started piling up in our brand new house’s basement. I knew there would be many more boxes to come that would fill up that basement in the next few years if I had continued down this holiday hoarding path. I thought about The Grinch movie today and how the Grinch says, “The avarice never ends” and that struck a cord with me as it seems to be very true during the holiday craze each year. We want, want, want, but do we ACTUALLY need it? These are the kind of questions I’m going to ask myself throughout this journey to help limit materialistic impulses. At the end of today’s Christmas décor pack up, I gathered a shoe box full of Christmas décor we no longer need as it fills no meaningful purpose any longer. It’s another small step getting rid of these things, but it’s a step closer to minimalism!

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