Day 1 – Baby Steps to Minimalism

Let’s do a quick introduction, hello friend, thanks for stopping by, I’m TJ, nice to meet you. I am joined by my lovely wife Amalia today, some days it will be us, some days it may be just one of us but we hope to make a post everyday or at least 360 times this year to meet our goal. Why 360 you may ask? Well simple, goals aren’t made to be met but to be exceeded so we are giving ourselves a nice 5-day buffer, just you wait until the next leap year in 3 years… Anyways, we decided to challenge ourselves in a good way this year and really try to make a difference in our lives and hopefully other people’s lives. This challenge is something we like to call Minimalism 360 in 365, an idea inspired from the Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus.

Our goal of 360 in 365 is to flip our life around or shall we say do a complete 360 and try our best to give, donate or sell 360 things this year. These things could be excess, clutter, anything that doesn’t add value to our life. Some may ask, well what counts as items? It’s day one, not even we know and that’s the beauty of it, there is no need for rules, it’s just a way to help us well.. help us. Some things mean more to us than they do to you and vice versa but we are going to try our best to put in the appropriate effort. We hope to see others join us on our journey or just come along to support it. In the future we hope to include an information page to explain this as we learn more about it ourselves and if you have any suggestions to help us along the way please share them with us at

Item 001 of 360+

The first item was an easy decision for us and a great start, it was our old Keurig coffee machine. One of our close friends, Ronnie, was in need of a coffee maker so we decided to give it to him which he graciously accepted. We asked him to give us a nice selfie to document day 1 of our journey!

Looking to the Future

We are already jotting down ideas for the next few days and we are excited to take on this challenge. To our future selves, when this challenge seems tough, don’t forget why you started. If we can hit our 360 goal, go us but let’s have fun, interact with new people, have less focus on things and have a great 2021! As I already said before, I would know nothing about minimalism if it wasn’t for Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. They need no shout out from me but they are incredible, I read their books, listen to their podcasts and started rethinking my life by watching their documentary in Japan of all places (I live in PA, USA). If we could make this challenge work I hope to by the end of the year to join them for a cup of coffee and/or on their podcast to talk about life. Thanks for stopping by and come by daily to see how having less can mean more in life.

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